The Retro League episode 40

Jul 222010

The Retro League episode 40 – Enhanced CD-ROM Version is available to download. The Retro League is a weekly retrogaming podcast featuring News, Games of the Week, Random Links and more. The current and previous episodes can be found on the Retro League website.

Mega Man Universe
Atari Reviving Centipede, Star Raiders Too?
Klax Cigarettes
Sonic 2 XL
Sunsoft Announces Summer Virtual Console Releases
Atari Revives The Original Survival Horror Game
Expendables game makes retro gaming look macho

Games of the Week
Castlevania Circle of the Moon for Game Boy Advance
Surgical Strike for Sega CD
Star Wars Chess for Sega CD

Random Links
ebay – Complete Sega CD Collection
Street Hoop for Neo Geo
Super Mario on Violin
Nintendo Magazine System 8
US Policenauts cover

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