Commodore Free issue 42

Jul 192010

Commodore Free issue 42 is now available to download. 2A63U6MF9QNM Commodore Free is a monthly retrogaming ezine that comes in TXT, PDF, HTML, SEQ, and D64 (C64 disk image) and covers the Commodore range of computers. Content this issue includes:

* Editorial
– MorphOS 2.5 & eMac Support
– Spectacular Copy
– Turbo To Disk
– Mass Storage Device C64SD
– Third Club Info Issue of 2010
– Aladdin 4D Forums on
– DIY Action Replay Card
– Genealogy Newsletter and C64
– BasEdit
– Basic Editor on Windows
– Alpha Release of Timberwolf
– New Commodore Club
– Chicago Creative Extreme Expo
– Descent Freespace 2 / AmigaOS4.1
– X-Moto 0.5.3 for OS4
– Arcade Retro Gaming Update
– Loadstar Unofficial Issue 250
– Fortis Game for MorphOS Released
– Updated MorphOS SDK 2- Commodore Bounties
– A-EON and Varisys Partnership
– Micromart U.K. Retro Section
– NTP Commander Now Open Source
– The New Adventures of Alfredo
* The Early Days of Online Genealogy
* Interview With Björg Stojalowski
* Interview With Ross Myers
* A Quick Look At BasicEdit

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