The Retro League episode 36

Jun 222010

The Retro League epsiode 36 – Retro Revival is available to download now. The Retro League is a weekly retrogaming podcast with news, discussion, links and more. Besides discussing the classic content of the recent E3 event, content this episode includes:

Virtually Retro
Shadow of the Ninja for Virtual Console
Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville for WiiWare

News – Retro Franchises at E3
Kid Icarus Uprising for 3DS
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for 3DS
Mario Kart for 3DS
Paper Mario for 3DS
PilotWings Resort, Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing for 3DS
StarFox 64 for 3DS
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii
Metroid: Other M for Wii
Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Wii
Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light for DS
Pac-Man & Galaga, Ridge Racer for 3DS
Frogger, Contra, and Metal Gear for 3DS
Sonic Colors for DS
Final Fantasy Tech Demo for PS3
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for Xbox 360
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair for Xbox Live Arcade

Other News
Secret of Mana coming to iPhone
Out-of-Print Archive – Raze #1

GameExpress 3DO SNES Controller Adapter
Sega Genesis stack

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