Commodore Free issue 40

Jun 012010

Commodore Free issue 40 is available to download now. The retrogaming ezine, which mainly covers the Commodore scene, comes in PDF, HTML, text, D64 (C64 disk image) and SEQ formats. Back issues are all still available from the Commodore Free website. Contents of this issue includes:

* Editorial
* Readers Comments
– Commodore 128 Website
– X-Pander 3 Coming Soon!
– Protovision Update
– Last Oregon Commodore Dealer Sale
– VIC20 Final Expansion Cartridge
– geoLink Version 1.00 Released
– Willis Patten Passed Away
– Kantronics Hamtext cart
– AmigaOne X1000 A-EON website
* BASIC Programming Challenge
– C64/VIC20/C16/+4 Version
– Adapted C16 Version
* Interview With
* PRG Starter
* PRG Starter Tricks And Tips
* Interview With Anders Persson


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