The Retro League episode 30

May 252010

A quick catch up on The Retro League releases as episode 30 – Top 10 of the 1990’s part 2 was released last week. The Retro League is a weekly podcast that looks at retrogaming news, websites, the people, the games and more. This episode includes the conclusion to the Top 10 games of the 1990s, the 20th anniversary celebration of the Game Genie and one of the rarest Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games (the Blockbuster Genesis World Championship cart). Previous episodes are also available to download from the website. Highlights this episode include:

News Links
Classic Game Fest in Austin, TX
Bound High released for the Virtual Boy
Unreal Famicom game art
Fan-made Fighter including many classic characters

Price is Wrong auctions
Blockbuster Genesis cart
Chuck Yeager Air Combat NES prototype

Other show notes
Super Mario Crossover

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