May 072010

At the beginning of the year we reported that The New Dimension were hosting a Sideways SEUCK (Shoot-’em-up Construction kit) game making competition for the Commodore 64 platform. The games were produced and entered by various SEUCK specialists. The judges made their comments and the results have now been announced.

1) Taking first place is Pour Le Merite (For Merit) from Bamse. The game takes place in 1917 with the player in control of a German fighter plane over enemy territory. “This game has very classic C64 1985 style graphics, and making it look movie based is a clever feature in the game. All levels in this game have been well thought out and the game plays really well.” – Richard.

2) Taking the runner up spot is The Rocket Man developed by Sea Software. Here an evil dragon’s army invades Earth and it’s up to the Rocket Man to fight back in this super hero shmup. “Fun game and refreshing different level designs in this one” – Boxofficepoison.

3) In third place (second runner up) is Syphwyrm from author Anthony Burns, who has had a couple of great games reviewed in previous issues of Retroaction. with one or two players, help fight against the evil creatures of Lamia (sister of the defeated Queen Stryxia from Anthony’s Legion of the Damned games). “Great graphics, great presentation. The game is pretty good too, and the challenge is reasonable: not too hard, but not walk-in-the-park-easy either. Great thing that it’s a 2-player, too!” – Joonas Lindberg

4) Fourth place is taken by Barney, a sea based adventure developed by WEC/Cosine. Guide Barney the cowfish back to his coral reef home where his other half, Hannah, waits. “Mainly for the quality of the graphics and the ideas which make it unlike other SEUCK games. Very clever.” – Frank Gasking

5) In fifth place is Tau Zeta from Alf Yngve. Two great civilizations clashed, leaving only a handful of survivors. The player takes control of the Tau Zeta squadron of ships with the aim of guiding them to a safe part of the galaxy. “VERY good graphics, and clever SEUCK techniques! The game was a joy to play.” – Joonas Lindberg

For the full rundown of the results, entries and downloads, visit the New Dimension SEUCK compo page.


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