May 052010

This is a fine feature and has been running over at Racketboy for some time now, but I felt paricularly compelled to check out the choice of game this time. UFO: Enemy unknown (aka X-Com UFO Defence) is the game chosen this time and was developed by Julian Gollop, who happened to produce one of my own fave games of all time, and the predecessor to the X-Com series: Laser Squad (which was actually developed by Gollop’s team known as Target Games – a fact that is often incorrect on the ‘net).

Basically, the Together Retro Game Club invites gamers to play the chosen game and have informative discussions on it. A good idea, I think, so why not try the game out and drop into the Racketboy forums to give your opinion on the game.

Weblink: Together Retro Game Club: X-Com UFO Defense

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