May 042010

Retrogaming Times Monthly number 72, May 2010, has been released. The monthly html e-zine contains articles, reviews and news on all manners of retrogaming. The latest edition is available online now at the RTM website. Highlights in this installment include:

# A Cryptic Telegram
# The Champion Of Champ-Games
# Mutated Output: Atonement By A Heretic At The CoCo Altar
# Dual Perspective – Pac-Man
# NES’Cade – Tiger-Heli
# The Homebrew Sleuth: Atari 2600 Mean Santa
# Mutated Output: Patsies, Pioneers, and Politics
# The Homebrew Sleuth: Atari 2600 Cave In
# Modern Retro – Gunstar Heroes
# What Is The Meaning Of Three?


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