Apr 082010

With things settling down after the April Fools gag, Out-of-Print Archive now move onto the next phase with their first of a new regular monthly feature. Back in Time looks at the classic videogaming magazines that were released 20 years ago this month. This month, naturally, starts with April 1990 when the likes of Zzap!64, C&VG, Your Sinclair and Crash reigned supreme in the UK market.

That’s not all though as OoPA have created new sections to accommodate this regular feature, mainly the micro computer section, which will eventually fill up with classic online material. This month OoPA chose Zzap!64 Amiga’s review of Midwinter for the Amiga, Your Sinclair‘s review of Rainbow Islands for the ZX Spectrum, ACE‘s interview with Lucasfilm Games and Zero‘s hilarious Artistic Licensing featuring Back to the Future part II.

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