Mar 012010

Another big update week at Out-of-Print Archive. Not only is there another fine release of Super Play, but there are a couple of new sections in the website, namely a hardware section and the trade show section. The Super Play release is issue 3 from January 1993 and comes courtesy of meppi, who scanned and edited it. The accompanying online articles (ready to view straight away) from this issue include Super Aleste (SNES), Cosmo Gang: The Video (SNES), NES CD-ROM drive: the future of SNES games? (feature) and Dragon Quest V (SNES). As usual, the release is available to download in full, for free, from the Super Play #3 webpage shown below.

Super Play #3 NES CD-ROM drive pg 1NES CD-ROM drive pg 2 Dragon Quest V pg1Dragon Quest V pg2

Weblink: Super Play #3 page at Out-of-Print Archive

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