Feb 102010

Classic Video Gamer magazine #3Issue 3 of Classic Video Gamer Magazine (Winter 2009) is available to purchase in digital PDF form for $1.95.  There is a special preview download available to readers who wish to get a taste of the issue.  Issue 3’s retrogaming content includes:

  • Cover Feature: Rush Rush Rally Racing for Sega Dreamcast & Zaku for Atari Lynx
  • NWCE 2009 Show Report
  • Review:
  • Review: Last Hope Pink Bullets (New Release)
  • Review: Shield Shifter (VCS New Release)
  • Review: StripOff (VCS (New Release)
  • Review: Dux (DC)
  • Hardware Review: USB CX-40 Joystick
  • Events Central (New Column)
  • Game Over: 30 Years After Pac-Man Fever
  • Developer Interviews
  • Interviews with Classic Gaming Community Icons
  • Returning Columns: What’s on Tap, etc.
  • and more

Weblink: http://www.classicvgm.com/

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