Jan 062010

Due to popular demand among some of the Amiga forums around the net, and to help revive interest in the Amiga retro gaming scene, Underground Arcade decided to host an Amiga Game-Making competition. The competition was held around various Amiga forums just before Christmas, where the entrees had two weeks to produce and upload their work by the 24th December 2009. The only rules were that the games had to run on a “classic OCS or AGA Amiga” and have a Christmas and festive theme. This is a brilliant idea and we can’t understand why there hasn’t been anything like it before. After all, the Amiga is surely one of the most popular retro computers of our time.

Sam & Max X-Mas Disaster Santa Montana

All the games have been uploaded to the competition server and are ready to download in LHA or ADF format, complete with read me files or instructions. Remember that these games are unfinished and some are even in demo state, so take this into consideration when voting for your favourite. Entries for this first (of many, we hope) Amiga Game-making Competition include X-Mas Disaster, Cornelius Saves Christmas, Santa Montana, Dwarves in the Iceland, X-Mas Syman, X-Mas Glass Ball Factory, Sam and Max.

 X-Mas Glass Ball Factory X-Mas Syman Cornelius Saves Christmas

Weblink: http://amigachristmastree.condor.serverpro3.com/Competition.html

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