Dec 292009

The first issue of MEGA has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. The October 1992 edition of the Mega Drive magazine was scanned, edited and released by Nreive (yes, this very author). MEGA is one of my favourite classic gaming magazines and I intend to have the whole run of issues online sometime – in between editing/designing retroaction, of course. The magazine scan archive can be downloaded for free from the link on OoPA’s MEGA issue 1 page. Accompanying online articles include reviews of NHLPA Hockey ’93, Speedball 2 and Thunderforce IV plus a feature/interview with EASN’s Don Transeth.

 MEGA issue 1 NHLPA 93 MEGA review p1NHLPA 93 MEGA review p12  Speedball 2 MEGA review p1Speedball 2 MEGA review p2 


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