Oct 292009

The Wild BunchAfter a wait of over 20 years, The Wild Bunch finally arrives on the C64.  Programmer Jon Wells began the C64 conversion of this Spectrum and Amstrad classic back in 1987, but had to put the project on hold.  Thankfully, the old disks were retrieved and the game has finally been completed.  The game itself features a plot that wouldn’t look amiss in a classic Sergio Leone spaghetti western: a lone cowboy is out to put right what is wrong, involving gunfights, outlaws, jails and saloons.  The digital download is available from The Wild Bunch website, while the physical disk and tape versions can be ordered from Psytronik’s website.

Weblink: http://www.gamesplaygames.co.uk/thewildbunch/
Weblink: http://www.psytronik.com/main/


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