Oct 212009

CVG#168Issue 168 (November 1995) is very important in the timeline of Computer & Video Games magazine (a.k.a. CVG) as this was the first time that Paul Davies appeared as Editor, changing the face of the publication into one of the finest ever.  Of course, he took over half way through this issue, and the major re-design and new staff members were a few issues off, but this is still an important chapter in CVG history.  Additional online articles include Virtua Fighter (32X), Vectorman (Mega Drive/Genesis), Loaded (Psone) and NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Psone).  Thanks to meppi (scanning and editing the scans), you can now witness this historic issue.  Thanks must also go to Richard, who donated a huge amount of magazines, including many CVGs from the Paul Davies era.  So, once again, thank you, Richard.

Weblink: http://www.outofprintarchive.com/catalogue/CVG/CVG168.html


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