Retro # 13 released

Oct 122009

Retro #13Retro is a multi-format retrogaming magazine from Germany, which also comes with coverage of film and music.  Launched in 2007, the magazine is available in print form for 6.95 EUR (with free shipping), while back issues are available in PDF format on a CD-ROM, which is also available to purchase. Content in issue 13 includes:

  • BLEEP BEEP BANG (an in-depth look at computer and video game music)
  • Emulation – the N64
  • 30 Years of Star Wars
  • In the colorful light – the story of Jeff Minters Lichtsysthesisern
  • In the interview – the jeans team
  • Ralph bear – video-game story and the Berliner computer game museum
  • Hardware – Nintendos Gameboy, Interton VC 4000
  • Software – Amiga Forever 2009
  • Evergreen – “To be on Top”, “Ghost´’n Goblins”
  • Film – “Saturday Night Fever”
  • Music – music popular electronic “chip deed” out of Soundchips
  • Play – Warhawk (DS), Xyanide Resurrection (PS2), Dux (DC)



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