Oct 062009

Retroaction 3 preview It’s been a few weeks since we released issue 3 and I’ve managed to get some info on how the issue has been received. Downloads have been at a steady rate since release and we are just shy of 2,000. A long way from issue 1’s download figures of 5,000 (within the same period) but still decent. A lot of the big sites that helped generate traffic for issues 1 and 2 haven’t posted anything on issue 3 yet. It has to be said that since issue 1, there has been a drop in people from the US downloading the mag, making a huge difference in the figures (the US was without doubt the main country that downloaded the mag, twice the amount of the second highest, but has now fallen down into 3rd place behind UK and Spain). There may be several reasons for this, but that’s another story. The main thing is what the readers who do download it actually think of issue 3?

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