Out Of Print goes live

Sep 102009

Out of Print websiteI’m a great fan of old computer and videogaming magazines, so I was delighted to hear the news that Out Of Print (a Classic videogaming magazine preservation) was created. To me (and to many retrogamers, I would think), classic magazines were as important to me as the games themselves. You may have lost many of the magazines you had, but you can relive them again by browsing through scanned images of the issues. Out Of Print has opened with a marvellous 10th anniversary feature on the Dreamcast, including some fine scans of Dreamcast magazine pages throughout. A great read, and with plans for more features planned, not to mention thousands of magazine scans, Out Of Print is the website to visit for your classic videogaming magazine fix.

Weblink: http://www.outofprintarchive.com/


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