Jul 292009

Orion Prime

After reporting on the fantastic Orion Prime teaser in issue 2‘s news pages, it has been announced that the game is now finished and available to purchase on 3″ or 3.5″ disk from the Orion Prime website. Although, the game is in French, there are plans to translate the game to English, Spanish, and German.

There’s been a lot of excitement building up around various forums and gamers will be hoping that the developers (Arkos and Les Sucres en Morceaux) can live up to their successful teaser and the website’s tagline: “The best Adventure game ever made on the Amstrad CPC!”

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  1. Hallo everybody.I am a cpc464 owner and I want to know where find and buy new games on cassette version like ‘Orion prime’.Thank you.

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