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Jul 282009

Erm, that looks... great, that does

Stats, eh? I could sit and stare at stats all day, trying to fathom just what is going on with this website, but I won’t. I have far too many things to do – like finishing off issue 3. Keeping track of Retroaction stats can be quite work intensive, especially considering that issue 1’s stats now stretch over 6 months now (Feb-Jul). So, after thousands of issues and hundreds of GBs downloaded, I can come to several conclusions:

1) There are a lot of gamers interested in retrogaming.

2) And with major download activity in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Canada, Greece, Finland, Poland, as well as interest from another 20+ countries, retrogaming seems to be a truly worldwide phenomenon.

3) The vast majority of visitors come for the magazine downloads – some even just downloading from an external link.

4) We are now top of Google rankings when searching for “Retroaction”, beating the likes of Wikipedia’s French entry, online dictionaries, the YouTube video of Retro Action’s “Press Play on Tape”, Retro Action website, and more.

5) Gradually, we are getting noticed more and more by websites as they discover our little zine. We’ve had kind words – and a lot of traffic – from these guys:

The Artful Gamer · Retro Luvin’ Goodness,
Retro Remakes – Retroaction Magazine Issue 1 post,
BitFellas – Retroaction#1: New english PDF …,
Just One More Game – Retroaction – issue 2 – excellent PDF mag out now,
Retromags – Retroaction issue 2 review.

I was also given “The Spanish Inquisition” at
Just One More Game – Nreive in the hot seat,

and thanks to our own guys for helping spread the word…
Gnome and his Gnome’s Lair: The Retroaction Premiere,
Matty on Games,
Captain D’s PC Gaming blog,

and thanks to the following websites for posting blogs/threads/news of the magazine on their webpages:
JonoF’s Games and Stuff,
MSX Resource Center,
Superlevel ,
thinBasic Community,
RLK – Richard Lagendijk,
LuBlu Entertainment,
Computer Emuzone Network,
EurAsia, – The Amstrad CPC news portal,
PDRoms News,
DCEmu The Home of Homebrew and Emulation News,

and many, many more…

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