Jul 232009

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What is C64 Forever? Well, why try to explain when the official site does it so well? “C64 Forever embodies an intuitive player interface, backed by a built-in database containing more than 5000 C64 game entries, and advanced support for the new RP2 format, dubbed the ‘MP3 of retrogaming’.” If you’ve seen the Amiga Forever package – which you can also get at the C64 Forever site – then you will be familiar with what’s on offer here.

The C64 Forever package comes in two flavours: a downloadable ISO image (which you can burn to CD), or the Boxed+Download package (which comes in a slick looking DVD case, plus you get the option to download the ISO as well. Excellent stuff. The Download package comes in at £12.20 GBP ($19.95 USD €14.06 EUR) and the Boxed+Download package is £15.25 GBP ($24.95 USD & €17.58 EUR). Sound good? Then head over to C64Forever.com where you can find a full rundown of features, FAQ, screenshots, and place and order.

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