Jul 152009

GameInformer #1The very first issue of Game Informer has been released over at Retromags. The 16 page premiere mag, which was scanned by Phillyman and edited by triverse, was recently acquired via eBay for $65.50. Games reviewed in this issue include Decap Attack and NHL Hockey for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), and Micro Machines for the NES. Being a small issue, it’s also a small download, so there’s no excuse for not taking a look. You can find Game Informer #1 at Retromags’ download section.

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  2 Responses to “Game Informer Issue 1 at Retromags”

  1. I recently found a copy of the first issue of game informer a day was wondering how rare are they? I have only found this mention of it online and nothing else. Thanks.

  2. I’ll pay $100 for a good copy of Game Informer #1 as I know one of the editors and would love to present it as a gift.

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