Jun 042009


Issue 61 of the Retrogaming Times Monthly is now online. This month features even more new authors and more articles in what is perhaps their largest issue yet. Highlights from the June 2009 issue includes:

  • Laughing Pixels (Tom Zjaba’s VG comics)
  • High Score Monthly (NEW)
  • Lunch with Paul Zimmerman
  • RTM Idiocy – Blissful Ignorance and Dangerous Knowlege
  • Apple ][ Incider – Computer Baseball (revisited)
  • The Thrill Of Defeat – ZX81 Games that Mostly Rock
  • Videological Dig – The Doom phenomenon
  • NES’Cade – Arkanoid
  • CCAG 2009 Show Report – from Cleveland Ohio
  • Who Am I – Name the classic programmer
  • How Phantasy Star II Taught Me to Spell
  • How I discovered THE SECRET of Missile Command
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