Mar 192009


The original Home of the Underdogs website, founded by Sarinee Achavanuntakul, had been online since 1998 and offered visitors a slew of retro abandonware goodness. The site’s mainstay was its thousands of game archives, which included game summaries, reviews, downloads, manuals, and ratings. Arguably one of the most famous gaming websites of all time, and just like the mighty, it fell quickly with a thud as it disappeared. Apparantly, the webhost’s host company went bankrupt and the domain was left unattended. But that doesn’t matter anymore because it’s back, and promises to be better than ever.

Home of the Underdogs: It Returns has arrived just in the past week (so everything is still fresh and new) and is looking to be every bit as good as the old site, if not better. However, Achavanuntakul isn’t returning this time around, and she has passed on the flame to the new website owners (Lord_Pall and a dedicated team of enthusiasts). Hopefully, it won’t be too long before the website is fully operating as a community-driven wiki style website as planned. The game archives (some of them) and the forum are up and running, so why not pop in, register, look around, and post your thoughts on the site?

Thanks to our Deputy Editor Gnome for the heads up on this remarkable resurrection.

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