Mar 162009

Banger Management

Banger Management is a ZX Spectrum game developed by Jonathan Cauldwell for the Homebrew “Game in a Day” Challenge at the recent Byte Back convention. Using two ideas pitched for the challenge, Rabid Potato Kill Frenzy (the player worked in a chip shop facing waves of mutated potatoes, fish, burgers, and sausages) and Bonehead Billy (the player controls a character by placing blocks around the screen), Cauldwell mashed the two ideas together to get Banger Management.

The gameplay takes place in a drive through take away where various mutant food items are delivered. The various food items move around the screen where the player can force them to move right, left, or jump by placing blocks accordingly. The goal is to fulfil the customers’ orders by sending the correct food ingredients through the relevant windows. The game can be downloaded from the World of Spectrum website.

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