RGCD issue 5

Mar 062009


The long wait is over. RGCD isn’t dead, as many had feared, but it is more alive than ever with possibly its biggest issue yet. Issue #05 (March 2009) is here and contains reviews, previews, and features on a wide rage of retro and indie games. Just a select overview of the 45 articles include reviews for (deep breath) ThrustBurst (the featured game), Qwak, Rock Boshers, Droid Assault, Self Destruct, Noitu Love 2, War Twat, SY!NSO, Splattr, Sub Hunter, World Reborn, Lead, as well as a host of others.

If you’re new to RGCD, it is an html based disc mag, which you can download a “full” version and burn to a CD or view a “lite” version from your hard drive. It features retro reviews, remakes, demakes, indie game, features, and developer interviews. RGCD’s forte is their in-depth coverage of the 8/16-bit computer platforms.

For more details on the disc mag and the team, visit the RGCD website. You can download the current issue from the Current Issue page, which hosts the full ISO version or the lite version. The ISO download contains the mag as well as the games and emulators, while the lite ZIP file contains just the articles (which can be read without burning to CD).

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