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All the results for the Retro Remakes competition 2008 are now in. The coders had toiled away for months developing their remakes with 50 entries competing for six categories, it looked like being an impossible task to pick out the winners… but they managed it, overcoming such problems as the website being hacked to death and PCs crashing. So here are the results in numerical order with, er, Category 1…

Category 1: Retro Remakes

The Empire Strikes Back

What we said (issue one):
“The graphics are a huge leap from the original’s wire frame blocky efforts, but show some rough edges-probably due to the hurriedness of the development. Sound is also impressive with some sampled voices and effects from the film itself. My only concern is that the fun is over rather quickly.”
Category 2: Games That Weren’t
Sigue Sigue Sputnik

What we think:

“An interesting hybrid of a game – shoot-’em-up with pop culture – that has a full audio/visual experience: music plays throughout while sound effects blast away. The gameplay is pretty simplistic and boredom may set in quickly.”

Category 3: Sequels That Weren’t
Kung Fu II

What we said (issue one):
“The gameplay is frustrating as [the arcade game] and not just because it’s difficult, but also because it involves as much luck as skill. The graphics are okay and the sound effects are reasonable. It’s certainly a challenge, but the repetitive and daunting action may be too much for some.”

Category 4: A Game For Helen
The Factory
What we think:
“A great little puzzle game in a similar mould to Jonathan Cauldwell’s upcoming The Factory.”
Category 5: 8-bit Mash Up
Sportz Daze

What we think:
“If you enjoyed playing classic games like Skool Daze and breaking your joystick with the likes of the waggle-tastic Hypersports, then this mash-up is right up your way.”
Category 6: We Like It Retro
Spare A Thought For The Little Guy
What we think:
“A good old fashioned platformer full of nice C64/Speccy hybrid style graphics.”
So well done to everyone and commiserations to the runners up. So many games that were, unfortunately, not completed in time for the deadline.
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  1. Nice article there, very nicely done. Caught my eye. Now for the content, I love the categories remakes of games that weren’t. Takes me back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass..:P

  2. Thanks, Dualnames. Yeah, there are some good categories this time. I liked the We Like It Retro category as well as a few of the others.

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