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Retroaction has made it to the news-stand shelves, albeit a “big up” in Micro Mart

Retro In Action

There’s a new fanzine hitting the virtual shelves for we retro enthusiasts, by the name of Retro Action. Created by the same people behind the excellent Amstrad Action tribute issue (at, this is an all-format affair covering all the topics you would expect, from the classics and latest releases, to the joys of DOS Box and Retro Remakes.

The latest issue leads with the Remake Competition of 2008, a retrospective of the TV show Games Master, and an interview with Zenobi Software. It’s available as a PDF from I’d point out that fanzines are usually the best way into the publishing world (without any formal qualifications, of course) so if you have something that you are passionate about, why not get involved in ‘Action’ by contacting the team.”

Thanks to Shaun Bebbington for covering this in his Retro Mart column. Much appreciated.

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