Feb 252009

Retroaction issue one is now available to view on-line at Issuu. There are a few reasons why I decided to upload the magazine to Issuu:

1) I have been taking note of feedback around various forums, websites, and incoming emails, concerningissue one – no matter how trivial it may seem. There has been moaning about the size of the downloads (20MB may not seem a lot to most of us, but it obviously is to some people).

2) Some people don’t/can’t/won’t use a PDF reader for whatever reason.

3) Uploading the magazine to ISSUU prevents others doing the same and passing it off as their own work. Bbelieve me, this could have happened – it did with the Amstrad Action tribute magazine.

4) An upside to this is that it’s another way to publicise the magazine and get more traffic heading towards the website.

If you would like to read the magazine on-line, make sure that you do so in presentation view, as intended. Unless, of course, you have a super 24″ widescreen LCD monitor, in which case, carry on. Oh, and don’t forget to leave some nice feedback.

It goes without saying that this is not a substitute for the real thing, though, and if you want to take advantage of the magazine’s interactive features (bookmarks, anchor-links, website links, download links, etc.) then you should download the PDF or ZIP archive.

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  1. Great tips for other publishers to take away. The magazine looks awesome!

    You can link directly to Presentation mode like this:


  2. Thanks, Martin, I’m pretty new to ISSUU, so I’m picking things up as I go. I don’t suppose there’s a setting in ISSU to display your publications in Presentation view as default?

  3. Thanks for the Perfect Fit Review ­čÖé
    Only 1think to say, free rom (32k) has 125 levels. The cartridge version (48k) has 175.

    Only user edit levels are limited to 25 leves (for each level file).


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