Feb 122009

Rock Boshers

Rock Boshers is a demake (a remake of a game on older-generation hardware) of the 2001 FPS game Red Faction. Initially developed for the TIGSource Bootleg Demakes Competition a few months back by Dugan (a.k.a. moogled), it has now received the finishing touches. Using a top-down perspective with Spectrum style graphics, the game includes a single player mode, multiplayer modes, and an unlockable Asteroids style mini-game called Rockaroids.

The game is set on Mars in the distant future with the player controlling a miner who helps rebel against the Ultor Corporation. A unique feature of the game was “Geo-Mod” technology – which provides destructible environments – and is also present in this demake.

The game comes in two versions: the pixel sharp and filtered versions. The pixel sharp version has slightly better looking graphics as the pixels have been scaled crisply, but the filtered version can be used in case of video card compatibility issues.

You can get visit the Rock Boshers page on the developer’s website or download the pixel version or filtered version direct.

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