Feb 042009

Issue one is now available to download from http://www.retroactionmagazine.com/magazine/ (here you will get the downloads and highlights of the issue).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the issue and hope it is the first of many.

Raiders of the Lost Arcades – Battle Plan! Vol. 5
Unfortunately, the arcade is becoming extinct as a gaming platform, so we take a trek back through time – using MAME’s random generator – to relive some of the arcades greatest, worst, and indifferent games.
Retro Respect – Jill of the Jungle
We’ve all missed a minor classic during our time. we resurrect the forgotten classics, the misunderstood, the underdogs, the games that are actually quite good, but never gained the attention or accolades it deserved.

GamesMaster Lookback
Lookback at an episode of the classic GamesMaster television show. Challenges, games, celebrities, Dominik. Series one, episode one gets the Lookback treatment for issue one.

Computer Warrior
Memoirs of the Computer Warrior, from the 1980s Eagle comic strip, where gamers discover how to play computer games for real, virtually. We start where it all began with the first story arc.

Retro Respect – Speedball 2
Bitmap Borthers’ finest game gets the Retro Respect treatment.

The Weird and Wonderful World of Retrogaming – Sensible Train-Spoting
There have been some truly strange games released in the past. This is our feature where we dig up some of these weird and daft games from yesteryear.
Legend of Wukong (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis)
Sub Hunter (C64)
Perfect Fit (MSX)
Shoot Redux (ZX Spectrum)
Albatrosity (ZX Spectrum)
Sudoku (Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum)
John Wilson – (a.k.a. the Balrog) of Zenobi Software
Brandon Cobb – President of Super Fighter Team (the developer/publisher of Legend of Wukong)
Paul Kooistra – developer of CPC game Star Sabre
Retro Remakes Competition 2008
The competition, all the categories, all the games…
Clash of the 8-bits
Mark Hall takes on the CPC, C64, and ZX Spectrum to discover which machine has the best version of Space Harrier.
Amsoft – A Personal Experience
Richard Goulstone relives some of his fondest memories of Amsoft, the company, the games, and the experience.
Emulator Profile – DOSBox
Duncan Rule tells us all about the number one DOS emulator.
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  1. And there was much rejoicing! Well, on my part at least. Excellent work Neil!

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