Retroaction launching soon

Jan 262009

Good news, everyone. Retroaction, is about to launch; we are putting the final touches to issue one. As you should know by now, Retroaction is an interactive PDF magazine covering old and new games on retro platforms: Sinclair, Commodore, Amstrad, DOS, Arcade, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, NEC, MSX, Acorn, Apple, and more. We have been working on issue one for a few months now, and expect it completed within the next couple of weeks. The magazine will be available as a free PDF download and will be around 40mb (compressed) for around 62 pages. At the moment, we will probably be looking at a magazine release every few months (quarterly, with a release for every season).

Retroaction was thought of over a year ago while I was producing the Amstrad Action tribute magazine ( ), and there is a section in there called Retro Action, which looks back at classic retro games for the Amstrad platform. At the time I was thinking up some ideas, which I thought would be great for a retro magazine. The problem was that the Amstrad Action tribute magazine was a one-off thing, and the features I had thought of would work better in a more regular magazine, hence Retroaction was born. The Retroaction team consists of a handful of writers from around the world. Our main goal is to cater to retro gamers all over the globe who are looking for a good balanced magazine; one that is easy to get hold of, has articles and reviews on new retro games, old classic ones, and those forgotten games lost in retro time.

Our website ( ) is up and running, where you will find the home page (current issue box-out with magazine highlights and a link to the download page, as well as any major retro news), the magazine download section (with contents of the first issue), a page about some of the magazine’s writers, a link to the magazine’s forum, and a retrolinks page. So go to the website, look around (it’ll only take a minute or so. No, really, it will), and pop into the forum.

See you in about a week’s time. Oh, and in the meantime, you can take a look at the 62-page preview below (ho, ho).

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  1. Oh, and a link to our glorious magazine site in the sidebar of this lovely new blog might be a good idea.

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