Dec 292008

Sub Hunter

As a Christmas present, The New Dimension team have made the shoot-‘em-up Sub Hunter available as a free download after previously being available only as a cassette purchase from Psytronik Software. The download also includes exclusive extras. More details and download can be found at The New Dimension’s Sub Hunter download page.

The game’s plot tells of a scientific experiment that has gone slightly awry, and radioactive oil dumped in the sea causes fish to mutate. Taking control of a submarine – charged with infinite torpedoes – you must traverse the undersea landscape, deal with mutant fish, enemy submarine, and protect the human swimmers by picking them up.

Richard Bayliss developed Sub Hunter over a period of four years with additional help with design and graphics from Frank Gasking. It a shoot-’em-up with a difference: you not only shoot the enemy, but you’ve got to carry out rescue missions. This makes for a very interesting game where strategy can play a vital part; will you shoot away like a maniac or play it cool while carrying out rescue missions?

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