Cheril Perils released on ZX Spectrum

      When The Mojon Twins and zombies are involved in a computer game you know it’s going to be something worth playing.  Plot? Who cares about a plot? It goes without saying that Cheril Perils is another fine ZX Spectrum game mixing classic platforming hijinks with roaming zombies. What more can you ask for?  Game download, cover art and more can be found at The [... read more ...]

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters now available to download

We reported some time ago about the fantastic platform zombie romp called Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, which was only previously available to purchase in physical form for the MSX and ZX Spectrum. Now, as promised, the game is available to download in emulation form for both the MSX and ZX Spectrum versions. Downloads, nore details, and purchase of the physical version, can be found [... read more ...]

Sir Ababol released on ZX Spectrum

       Another wonderful and wacky platform game on the ZX Spectrum from the Mojon Twins. Sir Ababol is a young crusader from the 11th Century on a mission to track down the mysteries of wild ababol flowers. “What those red flowers which coincidentally were called like him were? Did it have to do with destiny? Since when the Alcoraz River flows into the [... read more ...]

Gloop Troops released on ZX Spectrum

The Little Shop of Pixels (aka Andrew Oakley and Simon Franco) have released Gloop Troops on the ZX Spectrum.  With one or two players, your aim is to gather up the stars scattered across the platform levels.  The game can be downloaded from the World of Spectrum website. Weblink: Gloop Troops on WoS

Heart Stealer released on ZX Spectrum

Another new ZX Spectrum game released courtesy of Timmy and Mister Beep. Heart Stealer is a classic style platforming romp with the aim of collecting hearts. The game can be downloaded from the World of Spectrum website. Weblink: Heart Stealer at WoS

Ghost Castle released on ZX Spectrum

Ghost Castle is a ZX Spectrum puzzle game from CodenameV with graphics by BiNMaN. The game, which was presented at the recent Retro Rewind 2010 fair, has a classic platform feel to it, described as a cross between Chip’s Challenge and Sokoban. The game can be downloaded for free from the World of Spectrum website. Weblink:

Kyd Cadet released on ZX Spectrum

Kyd Cadet is an arcade maze type game where you have to search an abandoned moon mine to refuel your ship. The game was developed by Paul Jenkinson using the Arcade Game Designer software written by Jonathan Cauldwell. Following feedback on the game, Paul has updated it and is now at version 1.2. Kyd Cadet can be downloaded directly from the link below. Weblink:

Uwol - Quest For Money ported to Mega Drive/Genesis

Shiru has developed a Mega Drive/Genesis port of the ZX Spectrum homebrew game Uwol – Quest For Money, which was originally developed by The Mojon Twins (see Uwol Quest For Money released on Spectrum 128k for details of the original game). The game is molded on the classic platform games of old: collect gold coins throughout the various levels. The game, along with a fine [... read more ...]

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters

At the recent RetroMadrid fair, Relevo Videogames presented a new game for MSX and ZX Spectrum called Invasion of the Zombie Monsters.  This B-Movie style title is a great looking arcade shooter that will be available to purchase in physical form from Matranet and will later be available in download emulator format.  More details can be found at the Relevo Video Games website. Weblink:

Viaje al Centro de la Napia released on ZX Spectrum

Yet another ZX Spectrum release from the Mojon Twins.  As the Mojon Twins explain, the title – which is in Spanish – is a play on a Spanish game by Topo Soft called Viaje al Centro de la Tierra, which roughly translates to “A journey to the Centre of the Nose”.  This time, the player controls Miguelito, who is inside his own skull searching for [... read more ...]

Cheril of the Bosque released on ZX Spectrum

Yet another game from The Mojon Twins.  This ZX Spectrum games sees the player take control of Cheril, an everyday common girl, who just happens to hunt panthers with her bare teeth.  However, she wishes for more and heads off to London to live in the city.  This means platform high jinks and collecting nuts.  The game’s full story, screenshots and download link are all [... read more ...]

Lala Prologue released for the ZX Spectrum

Another fine platform game from the Mojon Twins, and their first one developed in the New Year.  Help Lala retrieve all the Great Witch Academy’s magical filters and chemicals, which have been randomly scattered across the surroundings of the academy.  Lala Prologue is a platform game in the classic sense: search the screens, progress by gaining access to new screens and, of course, avoid the [... read more ...]

Mole Hunter released on ZX Spectrum

Mole Hunter is a Spectrum conversion of the classic Casio handheld (Game & Watch style) game of the same name.  Developed by Raul Pelayo Diez-Andino, the game is available for free from his website, although any voluntary donation is welcome. Weblink: Mole Hunter page

Box Reloaded released on ZX Spectrum

Having won the Bytemaniacos 2006 BASIC Contest with Box, Beyker has now come back to the game and produced Box Reloaded, with updated graphics, sound and gameplay. The game can be downloaded for free at Beyker’s new blog page, where you can also find his previous games. Weblink:

Tracksuit Manager Editor released for ZX Spectrum

Tracksuit Manager was one of the greatest 8-bit management games ever, but playing the game with 20-year old out of date stats can be annoying.  Well, despair no longer because BadBeard has developed an editor for the game, meaning that you can enter all the 2010 team and player information and enjoy the game as if it were a new release.  The game editor is [... read more ...]