Dire Job (Trabajo Basura) released on ZX Spectrum

The Mojon Twins have been hard at work updating their La Churrera game engine for the ZX Spectrum with the release of v3.99. Not only that but they have spent two whole afternoons developing a new game to showcase this new engine. Trabajo Basura, which we are assured, translates as Dire Job, is a classic platform romp that all Mojon Twins fans will be familiar [... read more ...]

ZX Spectrum Gamer Launches

The ZX Spectrum was incredibly popular during the 8-bit computer scene in the 1980s, so much so that there have been countless magazines, fanzines and ezines published for it. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever in the gaming scene and all those zines have mostly disappeared by now, but now the makers of PC Engine Gamer have stepped forth to quench the thirst of eager Spectrum gamers [... read more ...]

Horace Goes To The Tower released on ZX Spectrum

Inspired by a recent forum thread on the World of Spectrum website, The Mojon Twins rapidly set to work on bringing Horace back to his native ZX Spectrum. Mention must go to ‘ewgf’ in the WOS forums whose quick write up provided the back-story to the game. The plot follows Horace when he is drunk and down on his luck. Missing the good old days [... read more ...]

Phantomasa 3: Fundamentally Loathsome released on ZX Spectrum

Much like their most enduring games series and character, Phantomasa, The Mojon Twins are back releasing new games on the faithful ZX Spectrum with the third in the aforementioned game series: Phantomasa 3 – Fundamentally Loathsome. And it wouldn’t be a Mojon Twins’ game without a deliciously bizarre plot which involves a robot Phantomasa in an alternate Parallel Universe who is on a mission to [... read more ...]

Laser Squad Week: The Homebrew Missions

As we continue our Laser Squad week, we take a look at the homebrew missions that have been developed for the Spectrum… Those resourceful chaps from Russia have only created their very own scenarios for Laser Squad. 13 extra missions are known to exist, saved as mere Z80 files which can be loaded as a snapshot straight into a Spectrum emulator. The missions themselves range [... read more ...]

Laser Squad Week: The 8-bit Versions

Following our retrospective intro, we continue our Laser Squad week by looking at the 8-bit versions of the game and the videogaming magazine’s views at the time… ZX Spectrum (1988) The original, as mentioned, is a fine game with minimalist aesthetics. While the graphics may well be monochrome, they are functional and suffer no colour clash. Sound is very sparse but effective. The gameplay is [... read more ...]

Laser Squad Retrospective

With Laser Squad being one of my all time favourite games it was inevitable that I would revisit the game. With issue 5 of Retroaction put on definite hold, the planned ‘mega article’ on the game can now be published in a week long special of Laser Squad articles, starting with a look at the game itself… Going by personal experience, films or music which [... read more ...]

Genesis: Dawn Of A New Day released on ZX Spectrum

Dorks from outer space have invaded Earth and it’s your job as an ace space pilot to take them down. To defeat them, you will need to gather all the parts to a “definitive weapon” called the Genesis. This means good old shoot-’em-up fun through five planets before you can take on the might of the Dorks. utopian had started development on this ZX Spectrum [... read more ...]

Teodoro no Sabe Volar released on ZX Spectrum

Teodoro no Sabe Volar, translated as ‘Teodoro can’t fly’, has been released on the ZX Spectrum courtesy of Retroworks. This is a classic action adventure style platform game where the player controls Teodoro in his quest to save Cornejal kingdom from an invading army. The game zip archive, which can be downloaded from the game card at Retroworks’ website, includes the game (.tap Spectrum format) [... read more ...]

Oddi the Viking released on ZX Spectrum

When I look at that screenshot I immediately think of the classic isometric adventure games from Ultimate. However, Oddi the Viking is a puzzle game that was developed by the Spanish software team at Digital Brains. The ZX Spectrum game is available to download freely from the World of Spectrum website in 48k or 128k versions. Weblink: Oddi the Viking at World of Spectrum

Horace in the Mystic Woods released on ZX Spectrum

We’ve all got lost in the woods at one time or another – I now I have – and now Horace has found himself in a similar predicament. Not only is Horace lost, though, but the “mystic woods” seem to be conspiring against him, resulting in Horace wandering around in, what seems to be, endless circles. Oh, my god, it’s the Blair Witch Project all [... read more ...]

Your Game 4 voting commences

           Your Game is a Russian game development competition for the ZX Spectrum. The deadline has passed and voting has commenced for the participating ten game entries (listed below). The deadline for voting is 1 October 2010, after which the results will be announced.  The games are available to download for free, but you will need a TR-DOS compatible Spectrum emulator to play them, [... read more ...]

Twilight of the Spectrum: Dizzy Clones

[Richard Tarjan continues his journey through the Spectrum’s twilight years to tell us that there was, and still is, a thriving homebrew scene after the platform’s commercial demise. In previous editions (issue’s 2 & 3), we touched on the subject of new generation games, making and distributing of new software. In this edition we take a look at Dizzy clones… ] Presented by Richard Tarjan What [... read more ...]

Nelo & Quqo released on ZX Spectrum

A new adventure game, Nelo & Quqo, has been released on the ZX Spectrum. The game had been in development back in the CEZ days and has now been completed thanks to the help Mikomedes, WYZ, and the Retroworks team. The player takes control of Nelo as he awakens with a stinking hangover and discovers that quqo plans to rob a bank. The Nelo & [... read more ...]

Zombie Calavera Prologue released on ZX Spectrum

Mojon Twins? Survival Horror? ZX Spectrum? Yes please. And that’s exactly what we’ve got with the twins’ latest ZX Spectrum offering. The player takes control of Santos Gimenez — a graveyard differ, no less — as he searches for his lost wife. However, along the way monsters will hinder our hero’s progress, but, luckily, Santos carries a rather handy shotgun. Alternatively, Santos can evade the [... read more ...]