Back in Time: March 1992

It’s another month, which means another retro helping of ‘Back in Time’.  This time we go back twenty years to take look at the best videogaming magazines from March 1992. This was a time when the quirky platformer Harlequin appeared on the Amiga, WWF Wrestlemania grappled all comers on all formats, Buck Rogers showed everyone how to do a Sci-Fi RPG, Space Crusade made strategic [... read more ...]

Back in Time: September 1991

“‘Back in Time’ is a monthly feature where we look back at the classic video gaming magazines twenty years ago this month. This month it’s September 1991 and the Super Famicom was beginning to make head roads on the gaming scene with titles such as U.N. Squadron, while two classics, Streets of Rage and Road Rash, hit the Mega Drive and God sims were big [... read more ...]

Your Sinclair #94 tribute special now online

If you don’t know what Your Sinclair is then head over here. The YS tribute issue #94 was originally given away with issue 9 of Retro Gamer in 2004 and hasn’t been seen since. That fabulous Your Sinclair tribute website has pulled out all the stops to make this special issue available online. Not only have the special YS issue DTP archives been converted to [... read more ...]