Sgt. Helmet Zero released on Spectrum 128k

Following a harsh war in the land of Khartadmocia, prisoners were abandoned behind and left to die. Step forward Sgt. Helmet, a soldier and a gentleman, who vows to rescue the prisoners. It would be simple, too, if it weren’t for those pesky automated security systems. Sgt. Helmet Zero is a no frills rescue mission: move in, kill anything that looks at you the wrong [... read more ...]

Subacuatic released on ZX Spectrum 128

Merely weeks after their last release, the prolific Mojon Twins have released Subacautic for the ZX Spectrum 128.  Subacuatic is all about a search for four artifacts scattered around the bottom of the sea.  Not only do you need to watch out for the sea life, but also keep an eye on your oxygen that decreases all the time – reaching air bubbles will replenish [... read more ...]

Platformer Medley Block #1

Another new game release from the Mojon Twins, this time for the Amstrad CPC.  Platformer Medley Block #1 is a platform game featuring supermarket cashier girl Mari Stormbringer.  After munching on n&n’s, which have been polluted due to faulty alcaline batteries nearby, Mari is transported to a strange 2D dimension.  Help Mari return back to her own dimension.  The game can be downloaded in CPC DSK [... read more ...]

Foursprinter (Spectrum development tool) released

Not content with appearing in every issue of Retroaction with quality games, The Mojon Twins have now released a development tool called Foursprinter 1.0. This tool helps developers of ZX Spectrum games with the creation of 16 x 16 sprites. According to the press release, Foursprinter is compact, fast and synchronised with the electronic beam on the screen to avoid flicker. The package also comes [... read more ...]

Biniax 2 released on ZX Spectrum

Nanako is tired of the constant fighting over the land around her, so she decides to seek advice from the ever-knowing Oracle on what to do. The Oracle tells Nanako that, rather than having the land around her suffer further bloodshed, she can resolve the problems by having the leaders take part in an ancient game created by the Gods themselves. The Kings and Queens [... read more ...]

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle released on Amstrad CPC

Having been available on the Spectrum for at least a year, Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle finally makes it to the Amstrad CPC, thanks to The Mojon Twins. The story follows Nanako and her quest to rescue her younger sister, Mya, who has got herself into a bit of bother involving dark magic and an evil tower. Tweny five levels of platforming fun can [... read more ...]

Nanako Descends to Hell on Amstrad and Spectrum

Following the release of Phantom Tales # 1: Marsport comes another new Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum 128k release from the Mojo Twins. Nanako Descends to Hell is essentially a classic style adventure game, which you control Nanako in her search for the four parts of a powerful weapon device. More details, including plot, controls, inlay art, downloads, can be found on the Mojo Twins’ [... read more ...]

Phantomas Tales #1: Marsport on Amstrad and Spectrum

Rumours of a mythical civilization in space prompt our hero Phantom to have one last raid before retirement. As the sub-title would suggest, the game takes place on Mars with Phantom needing to collect the twenty gold cubic containers hidden away in the mines of Mars. Not ones for wasting any time in getting new games produced, The Mojon Twins emerge from their recent split [... read more ...]