Dire Job (Trabajo Basura) released on ZX Spectrum

The Mojon Twins have been hard at work updating their La Churrera game engine for the ZX Spectrum with the release of v3.99. Not only that but they have spent two whole afternoons developing a new game to showcase this new engine. Trabajo Basura, which we are assured, translates as Dire Job, is a classic platform romp that all Mojon Twins fans will be familiar [... read more ...]

Horace Goes To The Tower released on ZX Spectrum

Inspired by a recent forum thread on the World of Spectrum website, The Mojon Twins rapidly set to work on bringing Horace back to his native ZX Spectrum. Mention must go to ‘ewgf’ in the WOS forums whose quick write up provided the back-story to the game. The plot follows Horace when he is drunk and down on his luck. Missing the good old days [... read more ...]

Phantomasa 3: Fundamentally Loathsome released on ZX Spectrum

Much like their most enduring games series and character, Phantomasa, The Mojon Twins are back releasing new games on the faithful ZX Spectrum with the third in the aforementioned game series: Phantomasa 3 – Fundamentally Loathsome. And it wouldn’t be a Mojon Twins’ game without a deliciously bizarre plot which involves a robot Phantomasa in an alternate Parallel Universe who is on a mission to [... read more ...]

Uwol 2 released on Amstrad CPC

The multi platform, multi award winning hero Uwol is back for a sequel in the cunningly titled Uwol 2 on the Amstrad CPC. Coded by The Mojon Twins, the sequel follows straight off from the end of the first game: Uwol merrily skips home with his successfully snatched bundle of coins when he is knocked down a steep hill and ends up in Phantomas’ Electric [... read more ...]

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle released on C64

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle “follows Nanako and her quest to rescue her younger sister, Mya, who has got herself into a bit of bother involving dark magic and an evil tower”. This means platforming, puzzling fun as you advance the 25 odd levels to reach your goal. I’m getting deja vu all over again… Yep, having been available on the Spectrum for around [... read more ...]

Sir Ababol released on Amstrad CPC

The Mojon Twins continue their Amstrad CPC conversion marathon with Sir Ababol, originally released on the ZX Spectrum back in July 2010. The player takes control of Sir Ababol, a young crusader from the 11th Century on a mission to track down the mysteries of wild ababol flowers. What are those red flowers, which, coincidentally, share the same name as Ababol? “Did it have to [... read more ...]

Lala Prologue released on Amstrad CPC

The Mojon Twins seem to be going through an Amstrad CPC conversion phase, what with the recent Speccy game Cheril of the Bosque being converted, and now CPC gamers have Lala Prologue in Mode 1 colour glory. The game has the player taking control of Lala with the task of retrieving all the Great Witch Academy’s magical filters and chemicals, which have been randomly scattered [... read more ...]

Uwol, Quest for Money C64

If you haven’t heard of Uwol, Quest For Money by the legendary Speccy coders The Mojon Twins then you should quickly check out the original ZX Spectrum version, which we reported on here and the subsequent Mega Drive / Genesis port, developed by Shiru, which we reported here. Done? Then it’s time to check out The Mojons’ rather spiffy looking Commodore 64 version, which can [... read more ...]

Zombie Calavera Prologue released on ZX Spectrum

Mojon Twins? Survival Horror? ZX Spectrum? Yes please. And that’s exactly what we’ve got with the twins’ latest ZX Spectrum offering. The player takes control of Santos Gimenez — a graveyard differ, no less — as he searches for his lost wife. However, along the way monsters will hinder our hero’s progress, but, luckily, Santos carries a rather handy shotgun. Alternatively, Santos can evade the [... read more ...]

Cheril Perils released on ZX Spectrum

      When The Mojon Twins and zombies are involved in a computer game you know it’s going to be something worth playing.  Plot? Who cares about a plot? It goes without saying that Cheril Perils is another fine ZX Spectrum game mixing classic platforming hijinks with roaming zombies. What more can you ask for?  Game download, cover art and more can be found at The [... read more ...]

Sir Ababol released on ZX Spectrum

       Another wonderful and wacky platform game on the ZX Spectrum from the Mojon Twins. Sir Ababol is a young crusader from the 11th Century on a mission to track down the mysteries of wild ababol flowers. “What those red flowers which coincidentally were called like him were? Did it have to do with destiny? Since when the Alcoraz River flows into the [... read more ...]

Viaje al Centro de la Napia released on ZX Spectrum

Yet another ZX Spectrum release from the Mojon Twins.  As the Mojon Twins explain, the title – which is in Spanish – is a play on a Spanish game by Topo Soft called Viaje al Centro de la Tierra, which roughly translates to “A journey to the Centre of the Nose”.  This time, the player controls Miguelito, who is inside his own skull searching for [... read more ...]

Cheril of the Bosque released on ZX Spectrum

Yet another game from The Mojon Twins.  This ZX Spectrum games sees the player take control of Cheril, an everyday common girl, who just happens to hunt panthers with her bare teeth.  However, she wishes for more and heads off to London to live in the city.  This means platform high jinks and collecting nuts.  The game’s full story, screenshots and download link are all [... read more ...]

Lala Prologue released for the ZX Spectrum

Another fine platform game from the Mojon Twins, and their first one developed in the New Year.  Help Lala retrieve all the Great Witch Academy’s magical filters and chemicals, which have been randomly scattered across the surroundings of the academy.  Lala Prologue is a platform game in the classic sense: search the screens, progress by gaining access to new screens and, of course, avoid the [... read more ...]

Uwol, Quest For Money released on Spectrum 128k

Uwol is a greedy little chappy. Not contend with earning millions by selling retro videogames, he wants more. He hears of a millionaire who has hidden a vast amount of gold coins. Unfortunately, the coins seem to have dispersed all around the huge dungeons of the millionaire’s manor, which houses some unwelcome hosts. Yep, you guessed it, this is a search, “borrow” and scarper mission, [... read more ...]