Super Play Issue 6 Digitally Archived

If you still haven’t read or even heard of the cult classic gaming magazine Super Play then hang your head in shame. Fortunately, you can redeem yourself by quickly reading up on the magazine’s history at Wikipedia, then the fantastic behind the scenes feature at Nintendo Life, then take a look at Richard Cobbett’s lookback at the classic mag, and check out all the previous [... read more ...]

Super Play issue 5 digitally archived at Out-of-Print Archive

The fifth issue of the classic videogaming magazine, Super Play, has been digitally archived over at Out-of-Print Archive. This issue from March 1993 was scanned and edited by meppi and is another outstanding effort – be sure to check out the work that was undertaken to preserve one page. This is the lengths Out-of-Print Archive (OoPA) go to preserve the magazines back to their former [... read more ...]

Super Play issue 4 at Out-of-Print Archive

Super Play issue 4 has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. This release was scanned and edited by meppi and is available to download in its entirety. To accompany the February 1993 issue of Super Play online articles – taken from the magazine itself – have been chosen: interview with David Darling of CodeMasters on the GameGenie, Japanese feature: Tokyo Blues, Super Star Wars Review and [... read more ...]

Super Play issue 3 at Out-of-Print Archive

Another big update week at Out-of-Print Archive. Not only is there another fine release of Super Play, but there are a couple of new sections in the website, namely a hardware section and the trade show section. The Super Play release is issue 3 from January 1993 and comes courtesy of meppi, who scanned and edited it. The accompanying online articles (ready to view straight [... read more ...]

Super Play issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

Issue 2 of Super Play has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. The SNES/Super Famicom magazine December 1992 edition was scanned, edited and released by meppi. The magazine can be downloaded for free from the available link on OoPA’s Super Play issue 2 page. Accompanying online articles include the Famicom Space World 1992 feature, Axelay review, Actraiser review, Shigeru Miyamoto interview and James Higgins (Ocean) interview. [... read more ...]

Super Play issue 1 released at Out of Print Archive

The very first issue of Super Play (Future Publishing’s early 1990’s publication all about the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo) has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. Thanks to meppi, the issue of Super Play has been scanned, edited, compiled and made available to download from OoPA. A selection of online features to accompany the release include “The SNES: your complete guide”, Dinosaurs review, Xandra’s Big Adventure review [... read more ...]