New Mega Drive/Genesis RPG, Star Odyssey, available to purchase

The new Mega Drive RPG, Star Odyssey, is now available to order online. The game, originally known as Blue Almanac, was only previously available in the Japanese market during the Mega Drive’s reign in the 1990s, but is now finally available in all its English translated glory. As with their previous Mega Drive RPG releases, Beggar Prince and Legend of Wukong, Super Fighter Team have [... read more ...]

Zaku released on Atari Lynx

Zaku is a shoot-’em-up for the Atari Lynx handheld gaming console.  Developed by PenguiNet and published by Super Fighter Team, Zaku is the first new Lynx game to be released on the system since the machine’s demise.  The game comes with authentic production values used by Atari themselves, including game card with plastic shell, cardstock box and colour instruction manual.  For more info and ordering [... read more ...]

Legend of Wukong released on Mega Drive / Genesis

The new Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game, Legend of Wukong, is now available to purchase from the official Legend of Wukong website. Legend of Wukong is a traditional Role Playing Game, which sees the young Wukong accidentally sent back through time in his neighbour’s new invention. When Wukong recovers consciousness, he finds that he is in a strange village. The time machine is gone [... read more ...]