Super Play Issue 6 Digitally Archived

If you still haven’t read or even heard of the cult classic gaming magazine Super Play then hang your head in shame. Fortunately, you can redeem yourself by quickly reading up on the magazine’s history at Wikipedia, then the fantastic behind the scenes feature at Nintendo Life, then take a look at Richard Cobbett’s lookback at the classic mag, and check out all the previous [... read more ...]

Back In Time: October 1991

“So take me away, I don’t mind, but you better promise me, I’ll be back in time…” Yup, it’s time to “get back in time” (yes, thank you, Huey), to exactly twenty years this month to take a nostalgic look at the videogaming magazines of October 1991. This was a time of sadness and uncertainty for many 8-bit magazines as one of the major publishers [... read more ...]

Nintendo Age ezine August 2011

The return of the Nintendo Age ezine last month wasn’t a flash in the pan one-off, because here we have issue 2 of volume 5. Nintendo Age covers all things Nintendo and in this issue there is a look at the classic SNES RPG, Earthbound, along with other articles including From Cards to Carts, Hombrewing the Death of an Empire, accessory spotlight and more. The [... read more ...]

GameFan magazine goes retro

Well, not exactly, but GameFan has started its ‘GameFan Retro’ section with issue 6, recognising the ever growing appeal of classic videogaming from gamers young and old. For those that don’t know, GameFan is a well respected US videogaming magazine that launched in 1992 and featured a colourful design layout with multiple screenshots fused with the editorial throughout. This gave the magazine an edge over [... read more ...]

X-Men Multi-Retrospective

With the recent release of the new X-Men movie, X-Men: First Class, GameFan has been covering some X-Men games in their website retro section. To kick off the multi-part retrospective, Anthony Earnst covered the one-on-one fighter arcade games X-Men Children of the Atom and X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Michael Chrisman continued the retrospective with a look at The Uncanny X-Men on the NES and X-Men [... read more ...]

Super Play issue 5 digitally archived at Out-of-Print Archive

The fifth issue of the classic videogaming magazine, Super Play, has been digitally archived over at Out-of-Print Archive. This issue from March 1993 was scanned and edited by meppi and is another outstanding effort – be sure to check out the work that was undertaken to preserve one page. This is the lengths Out-of-Print Archive (OoPA) go to preserve the magazines back to their former [... read more ...]

SCROLL videogaming zine launches with SNES tribute issue

SCROLL is a new videogaming “midzine” (minimal magazine) that has been launched that has been produced by Ray Barnholt. The Super NES celebrates its 20th anniversary in North America this year, so to commemorate that fact, SCROLL dedicates its first issue’s 40 pages to the 16-bit console, including the history of the console, its endurance, the games, both praised and underrated. As well as the [... read more ...]

Aero The Acro-Bat, Making of...

Aero the Acro-Bat was a short lived and underrated game from Sunsoft. The original game, released in 1993 on the SNES and Mega Drive, featured a red bat named Aero, who had to rid his circus of an evil clown. This was right down Sonic the Hedgehog territory with 2D platforming action, involving taking out the enemy with a drill attack or a limited amount [... read more ...]

Retro Respect: Assault Suits Valken

Known as Cybernator when released in the Western world, Assault Suits Valken was released in 1992 on the Super Famicom, and is the prequel (in story) to the Mega Drive game Assault Suit Leynos (a.k.a. Target Earth). The series was a great success in Japan but in the west it failed to gain mass appeal. [...]

Super Play issue 3 at Out-of-Print Archive

Another big update week at Out-of-Print Archive. Not only is there another fine release of Super Play, but there are a couple of new sections in the website, namely a hardware section and the trade show section. The Super Play release is issue 3 from January 1993 and comes courtesy of meppi, who scanned and edited it. The accompanying online articles (ready to view straight [... read more ...]