Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 3 digitally archived

Another official release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming been digitally archived at Out-of-Print Archive. Mega Drive Advanced Gaming (aka MAG) was launched during the rising popularity of Sega’s 16-bit console in 1992 and endured through to the machine’s decline in 1995. Issue 3 of MAG, which was originally published in November 1992, features a cover review of Thunder Storm FX on the Mega CD, as [... read more ...]

Dreamcast Magazine Issue 1 Archived

Another exclusive for Out-of-Print Archive as the digital archiving of Dreamcast Magazine issue 1 is announced. Dreamcast Magazine was the UK’s Official publication for Sega’s underrated console. Published by Paragon Publishing, the magazine launched in September 1999 and mirrored the fortunes of the machine it covered, coming to a premature end with its last issue in June 2002. The magazine can be downloaded it its [... read more ...]

Shining Force SOS

Shining Force SOS is a campaign to show Camelot (the original developers) how much the fans love the original games and to encourage them to work with Sega once again on a new Shining Force game. On 29th March 2011 the Shining Series will celebrate its 20th Anniversary and to coincide with that occasion, the Shining Force SOS will hand over a “bundle of love” [... read more ...]

Sega Saturn Magazine issue 2 Archived

Sega Saturn Magazine issue2, December 1995, has been archived at Out-of-Print Archive. The official Sega magazine from EMAP covered the underrated console with snippets of coverage on the later releases on the Mega Drive. This new scan of the cult magazine was produced by meppi and comes with four accompanying online Saturn features taken from the magazine itself: Virtua Cop, Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2, Virtua Fighter [... read more ...]

Sega Mega Drive Classics Vol. 4

We don’t usually bother much with digital downloads or re-released packages such as this, but there’s just so many quality games here that it can’t be ignored – plus it’s for the PC. This is the fourth, and arguably the best, installment of Sega’s Mega Drive Classics series which are all available to download on PC – just click in the direction of your favoured [... read more ...]

MegaTech issue 1 at Out-of-Print Archive

Another world exclusive for Out-of-Print Archive as they release the first issue of MegaTech, thanks to meppi, who scanned and edited the magazine. MegaTech, which was launched with editor Paul Glancey, was EMAP’s Mega Drive dedicated videogaming magazine and the company’s first publciation to use high quality production values such as super A4 glossy paper and digital screen capturing. As usual, the release comes with [... read more ...]

Digitising Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 1 for official release

To coincide with the “official” release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 1, as well as the UK’s 10th anniversary of the Mega Drive, we take a look at what went into digitizing this magazine. If you’re in the dark where “Mega Drive Advanced Gaming” (MAG from now on) and “official” releases are concerned then go check out Out-of-Print Archive’s interview with Hugh Gollner, the publisher/owner of Maverick Magazines [...]

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

Big news this week at Out-of-Print Archive, as the first official release is announced with the second issue of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming a fantastic underrated magazine of its time. Fittingly, this milestone release was worked on by all the main contributors over at Out-of-Print Archive. Online articles chosen for the release include reviews of Gleylancer, Magical Tarot, Thunderforce IV and Twinkle Tale. Check out [... read more ...]

MEGA issue 1 at Out-of-Print Archive

The first issue of MEGA has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. The October 1992 edition of the Mega Drive magazine was scanned, edited and released by Nreive (yes, this very author). MEGA is one of my favourite classic gaming magazines and I intend to have the whole run of issues online sometime – in between editing/designing retroaction, of course. The magazine scan archive can be [... read more ...]

Sega Saturn Magazine issue 29 at Out-of-Print Archive

This week OoPA release issue 29 of Official Sega Saturn Magazine from March 1998.  As usual, it’s a high quality release from meppi, so go take a look.  Online articles to accompany the release are Panzer Dragoon Saga feature part 2, Grandia, Burning Rangers and Winter Heat. Weblink: Official Sega Saturn Magazine 29

MEGA issue 16 available at OoPA

Issue 16 of MEGA (an early 1990s Mega Drive/Mega CD publication from Future Publishing) has been scanned and edited by someone called Nreive.  Yes, this author took a couple of weeks away from editing/designing Retroaction to finally complete the arduous task of scanning and editing my first release for Out-of-Print Archive (a magazine preservation project).  “Why start with issue 16?” you may well ask.  Well, [... read more ...]

Retro Respect: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

It’s been a sad week for the entertainment industry, and indeed the whole world, with the sad passing of Michael Jackson. Paying tribute to MJ, thousands of fans purchased his albums and singles, with most of them re-entering the charts – his Number Ones album has topped the Offical UK Album Chart. Ashamedly, I don’t own any of his albums – I was never really [... read more ...]

Legend of Wukong released on Mega Drive / Genesis

The new Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game, Legend of Wukong, is now available to purchase from the official Legend of Wukong website. Legend of Wukong is a traditional Role Playing Game, which sees the young Wukong accidentally sent back through time in his neighbour’s new invention. When Wukong recovers consciousness, he finds that he is in a strange village. The time machine is gone [... read more ...]