RGCD C64 Game Development Competition 2011

The RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2011, to give the full title, has recently been concluded with the judges’ results. This very author was kindly asked to serve as one of the judges and it was an honour to play through the games and comment on them. Some games were familiar already having had previews released through CSDb and RGCD, but others were [... read more ...]

RGCD issue 5

The long wait is over. RGCD isn’t dead, as many had feared, but it is more alive than ever with possibly its biggest issue yet. Issue #05 (March 2009) is here and contains reviews, previews, and features on a wide rage of retro and indie games. Just a select overview of the 45 articles include reviews for (deep breath) ThrustBurst (the featured game), Qwak, Rock [... read more ...]