Cray 5 released on ZX Spectrum

Released just a few days ago on the ZX Spectrum 128k and ZX Spectrum 3+ platforms was Cray 5. Developed by the Spanish coders Retroworks, Cray 5 is based on the 1987 classic Amstrad CPC game by Topo Soft. The game places you in the 22nd century where, during a humanitarian mission, your spaceship is hit by an asteroid and it’s your objective to prevent [... read more ...]

Genesis: Dawn Of A New Day released on ZX Spectrum

Dorks from outer space have invaded Earth and it’s your job as an ace space pilot to take them down. To defeat them, you will need to gather all the parts to a “definitive weapon” called the Genesis. This means good old shoot-’em-up fun through five planets before you can take on the might of the Dorks. utopian had started development on this ZX Spectrum [... read more ...]

Nelo & Quqo released on ZX Spectrum

A new adventure game, Nelo & Quqo, has been released on the ZX Spectrum. The game had been in development back in the CEZ days and has now been completed thanks to the help Mikomedes, WYZ, and the Retroworks team. The player takes control of Nelo as he awakens with a stinking hangover and discovers that quqo plans to rob a bank. The Nelo & [... read more ...]