RetroManiac issue 5

We’ve previously commented on the brilliance of RetroManiac over the past year or so, and, once again, we’re amazed at the quality, in both content and production values, of this brilliant gaming zine. The ezine features super design throughout, including internal links – click on an article in the contents page and you will be taken to that page – and external links, which really enhances [... read more ...]

RetroManiac issue 4

We instantly recognised the talent in this publication when we reviewed the premier issue back in Septmber 2010 and now the fourth issue of the fantastic Spanish retrogaming magazine RetroManiac has been released. As usual expect quality reviews and articles on the greatest classic games and new games with a retro theme all laid out in glorious designed PDF ezine. This issue, the RetroManiac team [... read more ...]

RetroManiac issue 3

Another fine issue of RetroManiac has hit the virtual shelves. This is the third issue of Spanish language retrogaming zine, which covers both classic and modern retro with news, previews, reviews and more. Taking centre stage on the front cover and the main review is Donkey Kong Country Returns. There are also reviews of La Corona Encantada, Hard Corps Uprising, Final Fantasy II, Lara Croft [... read more ...]

RetroManiac issue 2

We joyfully praised the launch of RetroManiac issue 1 a few months back and the team have now published issue 2. So, how does this issue fare? Well, the production qualities haven’t changed, which is good, as they are truly excelent. The team clearly have a designer who knows how to produce a finely balanced editorial/image production, taking advantage of the digital functions of the [... read more ...]

Review: RetroManiac issue 1

Hearing about and reading RetoManiac was like a rollercoaster for us. First we were up with the excellent points of this new ezine, the next, we were zooming back down with some of the lesser good points. Let us explain ourselves here… First things first, RetroManiac is a new Spanish retrogaming ezine, produced in glorious PDF and available to download for free. It contains some [... read more ...]