Survival Horror 101: A Beginner's Guide

As part of the Beginner’s Guide over at, a rather spiffy Survival Horror guide has been produced. Presented by Ack – who has worked on Retroaction a few times, so you know it’s quality writing – the guide traces the history of the genre, the term “Survival Horror” and, of course, the games. Check it out. Weblink: Survival Horror 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Racketboy Podcast 10

Racketboy Podcast Episode 10 – PAX East Retro-Roundup Pt. 2: The Best of Indie 2D has been released (part 1 can be found here). In this episode we have interviews with Nathan Fouts (from Mommy’s Best Games), Michael Wilford (from Twisted Pixel) and Jamie Cheng (from Klei Entertainment). The podcast file and more details can be found at RetroGaming with Racketboy Weblink: Racketboy Podcast 10

RetroGaming with Racketboy Podcast #6

The RetroGaming with Racketboy Podcast Listener Requests parts 1 and 2 are now available to download.  The podcasts include the usual intro/outro retrogaming tunes and interviews with people involved in the retro scene.  Part 1 includes interviews with Steve Cartwright (developer in the industry for over 30 years) and Brandon Cobb (President of Super Fighter Team, who are best known for their two Genesis/Mega Drive games, [... read more ...]

RetroGaming with Racketboy Podcast Episode #2

The second podcast from Racketboy has been released.  This time the podcast features interviews with both Mark Turnell and Eugene Jarvis, familiar names from the retrogaming scene.  Both men also worked together on Smash TV, which is featured in Racketboy’s “Together Retro” for this month.  Podcast content: Show Outline (Smash TV soundtrack excerpt) Dave’s Intro Interview – Mark Turmell (Smash TV soundtrack excerpt) Interview – Eugene [... read more ...]