Retrogaming Roundup 40

We hit number 40 of the Retrogaming Roundups and the monthly podcast is as fresh and interesting as ever, with news, discussion, and interviews on all things classic gaming. This month’s returning sections include Hardware Flashback with the Williams PHOF, Guinness Gaming Records, Top Ten with Game Controllers, The British Hour and more. This edition also includes features such as part two of an editorial [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Roundup 39

The Septmember 2011 edition of Retrogaming Roundup has been released. The monthly podcast features news, articles, interviews and more on classic gaming. Regular sections include the Top Ten feature (Text Adventures), Hardware Flashback (Having An Arcade Party), Gaming Trivia, The British Hour, URLs and emails, and more. There is also part one of the Geoff Edwards interview and Tribute to Bill Kunkel in the packed [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Roundup 38

The 38th edition of Retrogaming Roundup is out. The monthly podcast features news, articles, interviews and more on classic gaming. This month the Top Ten feature has some retro game choices from listeners as it goes live. Elsewhere, there is the regular Hardware Flashback (The Scent Of Video Games), It Came From MAME (D-Day), Gaming Trivia, URLs And EMails. Plus this month, there is an [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Roundup 36

Retrogaming Roundup number 36 has just hit the virtual podcast shelves. Subtitled ‘An Evening At The Cottage’, the epic monthly podcast covers everything retrogaming with articles on the classics as well as news on current happenings. This month, the E3 & EGC take the editorial lead, with Hardware Flashback, It Came From MAME (Navalone [Navorone], Orbitron), The British Hour and the Top Ten (Video Game [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp 31

Retrogaming RoundUp #31 has been released and is available to download for free. The monthly retrogaming podcast features news, reviews, articles, and more in its in-depth episodes. This month, the guys debate their Top 10 sexiest Video Game Babes, look at sound in video games, unearth lost Atari prototypes, speak with Al Alcorn (one of the pioneers of coin op arcade games) and review Evil [... read more ...]

RetroGaming Roundup 30

RetroGaming Roundup is one of the regular podcasts that we listen to at Retroaction, and with good reason, because it’s an excellent production with a fine selection of topics and news on all things retrogaming. In RetroGaming Roundup #30, guys discuss their Top Ten Pinball Machines with the usual hilarious results. Other regular sections this month include Hardware Flashback (Make the Nintendo Wii a Cartridge Based [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp 29

Ah, a fine retrogaming podcast to return back to. Retrogaming RoundUp 29 ’Skateboarding Cowboys’ is full of the usual classic gaming news, discussion, articles, links and more. This month, the team discuss their Top Ten Sega Mega Drive Games with some usual games and the odd surprise thrown in there. There is also Hardware Flashback (The Harmony Cart), Homebrew Review (Evil Magician Returns), Jay Smith Interview, [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp 28

The monthly retrogaming podcast mark their second anniversary with this show. As usual, expect to listen to all the latest happenings from the world of retrogaming with news, views, URLs and emails. In other regular sections, ‘Hardware Flashback’ looks back at The FX Chip, while the team’s ‘Top Ten…’ this month focuses on Nintendo 64 Games. Always a great listen, Retrogaming RoundUp #28 A Yeasty [... read more ...]

RetroGaming Roundup 25

RetroGaming RoundUp 025 Hit The Mute has been released. The monthly retrogaming podcast contains news, articles, discussion and more on all things classic gaming. Highlights of the show include ‘Hardware Flashback’, ‘Top Ten Banned Controversial Games’, ‘It Came From MAME’ and much more. The download comes in either high quality or 16k versions, as well as an outtakes download. All of which can be found [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp 24

Retrogaming RoundUp 24 – October 2010 (Oh She’s Doing Fine) is out, merely days after the September 2010 edition was released. RoundUp is a monthly retrogaming podcast featuring news, discussion and more. This month the guys check out the latest breaking news, give the listeners another Hardware Flashback, discuss the Guiness Gaming Records, interview Ted Dabney, read mailbag, emails and URLs out to the listeners, [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp 23 September 2010

Retrogaming RoundUp 23 – September 2010, sub-titled The Unintellect, is available to download now. Retrogaming RoundUp is a monthly podcast featuring news, topics, links, features and more on all things retrogaming. This month the RoundUp team discuss gaming on real or emulated hardware, the top ten games this month, Atar-Rewind, Hardware Flashback, Top Ten Intellivision Games, Gaming Trivia, News And Mailbag and much more. The [... read more ...]

RetroGaming Roundup 22

RetroGaming Roundup 22 – Stop! Thief!! is available to download. RetroGaming Roundup is a monthly podcast featuring news, interviews, links, regular features (such as ‘It Came From MAME’) and much more. The podcast can be downloaded in low or high quality as well as a special edition. Show highlights in Roundup 22 include: Hardware Flashback, Mike’d Up… [...]

Retrogaming RoundUp 21

Retrogaming RoundUp 21 – The Smell Of Wilford Brimley is available to download. Retrogaming RoundUp is a monthly retrogaming podcast featuring articles, news, links, emails and more. The podcast, along with previous editions, can be found at the Retrogaming RoundUp website. # The Video Game Crash Part 3 – (00:00) # Hardware Flashback – (12:13) # Mike’d Up – (27:28) # Gorgar Speaks – (52:14) [... read more ...]

RetroGaming Roundup 20

RetroGaming RoundUp 20 – Castles And Sh1t podcast is available to download. RetroGaming RoundUp is a monthly podcst with interviews, news, features, discussions and more. Content this month includes: # The Video Game Crash Part 1 – (00:00) # Interview From SC3 – (10:30) # Guinness Gaming Records – (20:20) # Tron Radio Show – (22:12) # Hardware Flashback – (47:53) # Top Ten Worst [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp podcast 19

Retrogaming RoundUp podcast episode 19 – By Idiots For Idiots has been released. The monthly podcast features discussion and news on all manner of retrogaming delights. The episode, and outtake files, can be found at the Retrogaming RoundUp website, along with previous releases. Highlights of episode 19 includes: The Video Game Crash Part 1 – (00:00) Interview From SC3 – (10:30) Guinness Gaming Records – [... read more ...]