From Silver Screen to Computer Screen – Terminator

(An aborted feature originally intended for issue one of Retroaction – it just wasn’t satisfactorily completed.) If the past has taught us anything it’s not to trust hyped up computer games, especially film licences. Virtually every big hit film has been given the home computer treatment. With a hit film behind the licence, games publishers thought that the free movie publicity would guarantee a good [... read more ...]

GamesMaster - series one, episode one

(For those that want to know how the GamesMaster article finishes – it was cruelly mashed up in the first issue of Retroaction – then here it is.) On Channel 4 at precisely 6:30pm on Tuesday 7th January 1992, something amazing happened for gamers across the UK; a phenomenal piece of gaming history that influenced others to follow in its path. This was, of course, [... read more ...]

Retroaction issue 1

   Regulars: Raiders of the Lost Arcades: Battle Plan! Vol. 5. Unfortunately, the arcade is becoming extinct as a gaming platform, so we take a trek back through time – using MAME’s random generator – to relive some of the arcades greatest, worst, and indifferent games. Retro Respect: Jill of the Jungle. We’ve all missed a minor classic during our time. We resurrect the forgotten [... read more ...]