Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 64

Retrogaming Times Monthly (RTM) is a great little on-line mag, which has been running for 144 issues (if you count the original incarnation of Retrogaming Times). The monthly zine consists of reviews, news, as well as some long time regular features. Issue 64 is now online and highlights from the September 2009 issue include: Movies with a Byte: “Joystick” The Legend Of Trash Truck All [... read more ...]

Classic Video Gamer Magazine premier issue

A new retrogaming magazine has been unleashed onto the internet in the form of Classic Video Gamer Magazine. The magazine is available to download in PDF, for a small fee, or purchased in print format at the Classic Video Gamer Magazine website. The 20 page issue crams in articles on classic games and looks at some of the current homebrew offerings. For an in-depth review [... read more ...]

Retroaction issue 2 out now

They say that following on from your first release – be it film, music, or publishing – is the most difficult experience you can go through. Now, more so than ever, I can understand why. While there was at least six months of planning, gathering ideas, and recruiting members of staff for issue one, the production of issue two was crammed into three months and [... read more ...]

Dave: The Ordinary Spaceman

Dave: The Ordinary Spaceman resembles a classic platform game, but with a difference. It has unique features such as a remote control (which can freeze and rewind time), a familiar user interface for the menu and other useful accessories.Dave: The Ordinary Spaceman, from Lasi Interactive production, is a competition entry for the Gamedev portion of the Assembly 2008 compo. The website (which looks just great) [... read more ...]

2 Minutes RPG

An interesting little game this. 2 Minutes RPG is a free roaming RPG, which was developed by Agustín Pérez Fernández (aka Tembac) for the adva competition. Apparently, you experience almost everything that is entertaining in an RPG in two minutes – as the title suggests. Download link :

Retroaction issue 1 now available on Issuu

Retroaction issue one is now available to view on-line at Issuu. There are a few reasons why I decided to upload the magazine to Issuu: 1) I have been taking note of feedback around various forums, websites, and incoming emails, concerningissue one – no matter how trivial it may seem. There has been moaning about the size of the downloads (20MB may not seem a [... read more ...]

Ocean Software Profile

A popular software house during the retro hey day, Ocean produced some of the best known arcade conversions and film licences for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC, before moving onto the Atari ST, Amiga, PC, NES, Super NES, Master System, and Mega Drive. Founded by David Ward and Jon Woods in 1983, Ocean (initially called Spectrum Software) was based in Manchester and [... read more ...]

GamesMaster - series one, episode one

(For those that want to know how the GamesMaster article finishes – it was cruelly mashed up in the first issue of Retroaction – then here it is.) On Channel 4 at precisely 6:30pm on Tuesday 7th January 1992, something amazing happened for gamers across the UK; a phenomenal piece of gaming history that influenced others to follow in its path. This was, of course, [... read more ...]

Retroaction issue one available to download

Issue one is now available to download from (here you will get the downloads and highlights of the issue). I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the issue and hope it is the first of many. Highlights: Regulars:Raiders of the Lost Arcades – Battle Plan! Vol. 5 Unfortunately, the arcade is becoming extinct as a gaming platform, so [... read more ...]

CPC Oxygen is back!

Following a couple of years away, the CPC Oxygen website with its online CPC magazine are back – Issue 14 is available to read on-line. John Kavanagh – the brainchild behind the project – was responsible for organising the initial Amstrad Action scanning project as well as hosting the scans on the website. Not only that, but CPC Oxygen and the yearbook were major influences [... read more ...]

Retroaction launching soon

Good news, everyone. Retroaction, is about to launch; we are putting the final touches to issue one. As you should know by now, Retroaction is an interactive PDF magazine covering old and new games on retro platforms: Sinclair, Commodore, Amstrad, DOS, Arcade, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, NEC, MSX, Acorn, Apple, and more. We have been working on issue one for a few months now, and expect [... read more ...]