Berzerk remake

We reviewed Martin Piper’s fantastic Berzerk Redux on the C64 just last issue which received a fantastic overall rating of 89% and now we have Bezerk, again, remade. Developed by deps and ippa, the game can be downloaded for free from ippa’s website. Also, make sure to visit the Berzerk thread at Retro Remakes and even pass on your thoughts (preferably on the game). Weblink [... read more ...]

COBEX – Cruising on Broadway Extra released

TCK has released COBEX (Cruising on Broadway Extra), a remake of the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum Cruising on Broadway game.  A simple, but addictive, game where the player has to race around sections colouring grid lines, while avoiding the enemy chasers.  The game is freely available to download, but do consider donating a small amount as you’ll be able to take part in the online [... read more ...]

Miner 2049er Again released

Danjo has brought the classic 1982 video game Miner 2049er bang up to date with this pixel-art style remake.  Miner 2049er Again sees Bob negotiating 20 levels of the lost mine, while avoiding the various mutated monsters on the way.  The game looks good, plays good, plays on virtually any Windows platform (95, NT, 2000, ME, XP) and is absolutely free, so head over to [... read more ...]

Manic Miner in the Lost Levels released on DS

Well, this is a fascinating development.  Stuart Campbell (fantastic journalist and fellow Scot) wrote an article on the lost levels of Manic Miner in Retro Gamer issue 63, featuring never before seen screens from various home computer versions, and this is picked up on by some ingenious developers who decided to port all these “lost levels”, and more, onto the DS.  What’s more is that [... read more ...]

Gorf released on GBA

Gorf is a GameBoy Advance conversion of Midawy’s 1981 arcade game and has now received its final update from coder Jess Ragan.  The game is a shoot-’em-up with the simple goal of destroying all enemies.  The player controls a spaceship that is able to move around the screen slowly. Weblink: ? ]]>

Holy Hell released on GBA

Holy Hell is a puzzle / shoot-’em-up hybrid type game from genecyst for the GameBoy Advance.  You guide a spaceship through the levels, using the four available coloured weapons to finish each level by chaining blocks of the same colour.  Each weapon destroys blocks of the same colour only, so you need to use the appropriate coloured weapon for each block.  Weblink: ]]>

Rambo Remake

Everyone has seen the original Rambo film and played the original game from Ocean, right? Seeing as the film was remade, why not the game as well? Well, worry no more, because the Rambo remake is here, courtesy of Mick Farrow, based on the Speccy version of Rambo: First Blood Part II. You can get the game here and join in on the remake discussion [... read more ...]

Kung Fu II final release

If you read Retroaction issue 1‘s Retro Remakes 2008 competition feature, then you should know all about Kung Fu II – we featured it as one of the games to look out for from the 50-odd games entered into the competition. Well, now the game’s programemr, Gary Gasko, has finished the game and has released a final version for all to download from The Games [... read more ...]

Knight Lore remade for the MSX2

The original Knight Lore is considered by many as a true classic game, which was the first to use the revolutionary isometric perspective. Developed and released by Ultimate Play the Game on the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, and the BBC in 1984, we now have an MSX2 remake courtesy of Retroworks. As with the original game, the remake sees you controlling Sabreman as he treks [... read more ...]

Retro Remakes Competiton 2008: the winners

All the results for the Retro Remakes competition 2008 are now in. The coders had toiled away for months developing their remakes with 50 entries competing for six categories, it looked like being an impossible task to pick out the winners… but they managed it, overcoming such problems as the website being hacked to death and PCs crashing. So here are the results in numerical [... read more ...]

Horace Goes Skiing Remake

The classic Spectrum game Horace Goes Skiing has received a remake courtesy of Steven Watson, with help on the graphics by sunteam_paul. The original 1982 game Horace Goes Skiing – part of the famous Horace series – was a spin-off from the Hungry Horace game from the same year. As the title suggests, you must take Horace down the ski slopes. This involves a hazardous [... read more ...]